Using Kitchen Cabinets In Bathroom

Sep 15th

Using Kitchen Cabinets In Bathroom – Your kitchen and bathroom are two environments in the house that receive a lot of traffic on a daily basis. Decorate a bathroom and kitchen that highlights your favorite colors and decorating styles. Buy decorating pieces such as cookie jars and appliances that match the decor and colors in your kitchen. Some beater and toaster devices come in bold colors like red, green or blue. If you want to replace the sink with a bathroom furniture, the first thing you will have to do is take down the old one.

Once dismantled and with the wall free, you will have to follow a series of steps to install your new bathroom furniture. The steps to follow are those: Place using kitchen cabinets in bathroom in which it will be its final position, taking as a reference the axis of the water intakes and the drain of the sink. Be sure before you continue.  If the furniture is rear and this stumbles with the drain, you will have to make a hole or a recess in the back. To do this, remove the inner shelf from the cabinet.

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Then you have to mark the positions of the drain on the back. For this you have two options: use a jigsaw prepared with a blade for fine-tooth wood or use a drill with a crown drill with a diameter greater than the diameter of the drain. Apply a special transparent silicone cord on all upper edges of the using kitchen cabinets in bathroom that will be in direct contact with the countertop or the integral washbasin.

Do these with the furniture set to the wall. Place the worktop or the integral wash basin over the using kitchen cabinets in bathroom. The most common are that it protrudes about two centimeters from the sides. If the cabinet has an integral wash basin, apply a special transparent silicone cord to the part that will be in contact with the wall.

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